A family-owned by three generations of hard-working masons. Rouse Masonry Inc. was founded by Fred Rouse 58 years ago. Fred began working as a mason in Chico, CA under another masonry company that was running projects in Ukiah. Marty Rouse, Tad Rouse, and Zac Rouse have maintained continuity. They value Family, Quality, and Honesty.

With over 5 decades of experience, Rouse Masonry Inc. has been continually serving Sonoma, Marin, Napa, Mendocino, and Lake. We attribute our success to consistently providing value to all parties within the masonry contractors and construction chain. We aim to reach a wider range of people looking for quality work to be done and be high-quality high-performance masonry contractors.


Core values play important roles in personal development, but they can be just as important in guiding the movements, partnerships, and employees within companies and organizations.

In Rouse Masonry Inc., we value Family, Quality, and Honesty.


Rouse Masonry Inc. was built because three generations of hard-working masons decided to make it happen. It was built out of love for the family’s hard work, dedication, and sacrifices. We made sure that we were all able to make a firm foundation for more than five decades, and that is family.


Every company values the quality of work. We do not just build something for the sake of building it without making sure it can stand the test of time. Companies are judged by the expertise of their services, so the highest standards must be well maintained.


It’s a core business practice to act in a trustworthy manner. Transparency, fairness, and straightforwardness earn respect from clients and colleagues. Honesty projects sincerity.

Our Team

Meet the team behind Rouse Masonry Inc.'s success over 58 years.

Marty Rouse President

It was in 1981 when Marty began his career at Rouse Masonry Inc. Marty proudly carries the family business that mounted quality projects over the years.

As the President, he sets the tone and direction of the company. He is responsible for meeting with their employees and training them. He loves being an artist that carries a wow factor to every project.

Just to name a few of his best skills, he displays an upbeat vibe, encourages employees to be enthusiastic with their passion, and portrays a good work ethic.

In his time away from work, he is the happiest when he spends time with his family.

At the early age of 12 in 2006, he began working as a laborer, responsible for moving rock. After school and during summer, at the age of 16, he started laying brick blocks and stone.

Tad was born in Rouse Masonry Inc. legacy. He chose to work in the construction industry so he could keep building the business and show the high quality of their work. As the Vice President of Rouse Masonry Inc., there’s a lot on his plate during work week. He works on bids, emails, attends onsite meetings and brings anything their employees need. There’s a sense of fulfillment when Tad is able to work with multiple bids and be awarded a bid.

He felt accomplished when he received his AS degree in Construction Management as well as being a part of complex projects that paid a very close attention to details and management.

In Tad’s free time, he loves adventuring with his family.

Tad Rouse Vice President
Fred Rouse Partner

Fred worked his way up the ladder. Before he founded Rouse Masonry Inc., Fred came from Chico, CA as a mason, working under another masonry company. He married very young and had a child and wife to support. The family became his inspiration to build his own company that stood for more than 5 decades now.

Fred plays a vital role in making sure that he meets his team and goes over every day’s work. Mastering the trade is just one of his best skills.

With hard work and perseverance, Fred bought his first home, became a partner at Chico Masonry, Jeff Rea Construction, and Deep Valley Masonry, and later started his own company Rouse Masonry Inc. He takes pride in seeing almost every building that he built in Ukiah, CA.

It brings so much joy to Fred looking back at all his accomplishments.

To keep the dying trade alive and continue his family legacy, Zac chose to work at Rouse Masonry Inc. in 2019. As an effective foreman, he encourages his team to execute to the best of their abilities while learning the trade.

Part of Zac’s tasks that he enjoys the most are going to job sites and getting to work in a trade that has been around for hundreds of years. He is gratified to have accomplished complex projects in a restrictive environment. His strengths are critical thinking, good self-esteem, strong management, and adaptability.

When not at work, Zac stays active by hunting, gaming, and disc golf.

Zac Rouse Foreman

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