Our Commercial Team works very hard in creating a proactive and established production rate to get the project done on time and within budget.

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This was constructed out of special order items in a Stack bond design showing a mixture of architectural CMU blocks to create a beautiful commercial mixed use building. The building consisted of about 10,000 sqft building which we furnished the CMU shell install.

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Commercial Services

We have been working on this project for the last 2-3 years starting with the casino and has phased into multiple other projects.

This project was constructed for the Fowler Auto dealership as an auxiliary building for their used car lot for detailing, photoshoots, oil changes, etc. This project consisted of a 11,000 sqft building in which we furnished the CMU shell install.

This project consisted of us creating a template for the & symbol in the patio which we created with brick as well as built a fountain.

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Our company covers several forms of masonry. Rest assured that you’ll find nothing but satisfaction with our masonry services.


We have gained a reputation for taking on the projects that expects a high attention for detail and quality. With our high end residential side, we pride our work in helping any client design and work with them to create the dream they have imagined.

Public Works

Rouse Masonry works hard to provide the best in quality craftsmanship in all aspects of the construction industry. We provide professional services in High End Residential, Commercial, and Public Works projects. We pride ourselves with the reputation we have continued to prove through our 58 years in the Masonry Trade.​

Rouse Masonry Inc. has proven to be a very reliable and talented masonry contractor. They have the ability to work on both small and large projects in the luxury market, and maintain the high quality and attention to detail that our projects demand. Rouse Masonry has been a real pleasure to work with.