We have gained a reputation for taking on the projects that expects a high attention for detail and quality. With our high end residential side, we pride our work in helping any client design and work with them to create the dream they have imagined.

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High end client with the vision of using an appealing stone that will create a natural environment which the pavers stand out

This project was all about access, the access to this home being down on Clearlake waterfront made it very hard to get materials to our work area. Once we did, we were off to the races giving this remodel of an existing home some wow factor using new/used brick we were able to give this property a face lift.

Residential Services

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This project was one that a client of ours wanted to add privacy around the entire perimeter of their property and install approximately 6,400 sq ft of Bronze Flagstone on all three sides of the new wall. This was a project where we made sure that we had perfect consistency throughout the walls to ensure a smooth flat face of each wall.

El Dorado was a project where our returning clients had a vision of having a “beautiful outdoor living area”. Having done work for them in the past, we knew what they wanted to see and that was brick. We come from a background of building many fireplaces through the years so we created a fireplace that was the main focal point to their outdoor area. The brick used was Mcnear Greenwich with a white mortar.

Fish Rock was a project that was on a property way out in the mountains. The stone was hand picked off the property and used to create beautiful rock columns for this new gate entry. This rock created a Rustic yet natural touch to this property’s entrance as we were able to use our skills to handcraft these rocks.

This project is not yet completed, There will be more phases to this project with hopeful completion towards the end of 2023

This project was a fire rebuild from the Sonoma county fires that we worked very closely with Wright Residential and the homeowner on completing in a timely yet quality manner. The stone used for this project was Copper ledgestone which entailed very tight joints and precision when cutting and laying out this stone.

Gualala was all about the clients we met. They were the nicest clients we have come across and they worked closely with us to create beautiful accents to their property. We completed this project using St Helena cottage, which is a native stone to the napa area for the wall stone. The stone paving was black basalt which we had to custom thermal edges to create a consistent look.

This is a small list of some of our smaller fireplaces we have completed over the years. All of these fireplaces used a natural stone veneer and used natural stone accents such as hearths, and mantles.

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This project was one that we had a full range of making this project a “natural beauty”. The client we worked with wanted this building to look as natural as possible so that it would not completely stand out from the surrounding environment. We first built the building out of CMU to ensure its structural capacity and then hand picked stone from the clients property. This allowed us to pick out the best possible rocks to create a tight fitted dry stack look.

Mill Station Residence was a design build project that consisted of RMI working very closely with the homeowner to make their dream come true of having outdoor space they always wanted. The projected consisted of excavating footings for new walls, forming and pouring concrete for the walls, Building CMU walls for stone to be applied, installing stone called coldwater canyon over walls in a Random design, install Multiblend flagstone, stairs, wall caps, and kitchen slab, as well as installing multi blend flagstone for a new patio.

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Philo Ranch consisted of a two phase plan where we installed and built a Rumford fireplace at the guest cabin of this property and cladded the exterior of the fireplace with Mt. Moriah Ledgestone in a dry stack design. Phase 2 of the project consisted of demo and excavation of existing decomposed granite and then installation of full color bluestone on the main patio and Concrete pavers for the new pathway from driveway to the house.

Philo Residence was a project that we did for the owners of Toulouse Vineyards in philo at their new home estate. This project consisted of installing a 60″ isokern fireplace, and then designing and installation of multi blend stone accents (hearth, mantle, and shoulder trim) The stone veneer used for this project was a beige Sandstone in a Drystack Ledgestone design.

Regina Heights was a project where we used all multi blend stone, the stair slabs were created to make this outdoor living area somewhat of a stage to the rest of the property which made this area more grand. We installed multiblend flagstone for the stone paving to create a natural solid surface for this project.

RMI builds full masonry rumford fireplaces from the footing to the chimney cap. (Only in permitted Counties)

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Our Commercial Team works very hard in creating a proactive and established production rate to get the project done on time and within budget.

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Rouse Masonry works hard to provide the best in quality craftsmanship in all aspects of the construction industry. We provide professional services in High End Residential, Commercial, and Public Works projects. We pride ourselves with the reputation we have continued to prove through our 58 years in the Masonry Trade.​

I have had the pleasure of working directly with Thaddaeus Rouse and his team. Rouse Masonry has illustrated their attention to detail, quality, and safety on several occasions. Their demand for the highest safety and quality standards is contagious. They give clear directive and timelines and follow through to make sure goals are met. Rouse’s commitment to the success of the project is second to none. They meet deadlines and ensure others meet their’s. They quickly adapt to necessary schedule changes and inform all parties involved of the plan moving forward. They hold suppliers and workers responsible for their work in the field and ensure they provide documenting paperwork. Rouse Masonry reports unforeseen items quickly and with a proposed solution.